Belcher's Paving Company

Licensed, Insured and Bonded


Paving- From residential driveways, lanes, private roads to commercial parking lots, church lots, and so much more. We can pave it to satisfy our customers

Patching- Does you existing driveway or parking lot need some repairs?  We can expertly repair areas of your driveway where tree roots have damaged, or sawcut and properly repair that pot hole your customers keep complaining about, so it doesn't come back!

Overlaying- No need to take up your existing pavement if it is stable.. We can overlay it for half the cost of removing and replacing the existing pavement.

Sealcoating- If your driveway or parking lot is over two years old and has not been sealed, Its starting to deteriate. Over time the elements and traffic take a toll on pavement Sealing can help your pavement last up to 85% longer

Striping/Pavement Marking-Pavement markings let drivers know the safest and legal place to park their vehicles, they also show you upcoming changes in traffic patterns.

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